The Denver Art Museum is currently playing host to a large-scale Van Gogh exhibition, featuring some of his famous and not so famous work.

The exhibit features 70 works from the artist and 20 from other artists like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Camille Pissarro, who inspired him. The collection consists of loans from more than 60 different public and private collections throughout North America.

The curator of the exhibition, Timothy Standring, spent years putting together the exhibition, traveling across the globe to collect pieces. He flew to Amsterdam three times just to get his hands on one piece.

Before the exhibition, the Denver Art Museum did not even have one Van Gogh in its collection.

The title of the exhibit lends itself to what to expect from the display. A series is his artwork that shows Van Gogh’s progression from a struggling “starving artist” to his peak of fame (which Van Gogh was actually alive to see, something very uncommon for artists.) A large focus of the exhibition is the artist’s time spent living in Paris, a significant two years of his artwork during his 37-year-old life.

What many museum-goers (including us) will be surprised to learn about Van Gogh is that he was not a naturally gifted artist; he had to work hard to achieve greatness.

The Van Gogh Museum’s senior researcher, Louis van Tilborgh, said of Van Gogh’s progression, “If he couldn’t do it, he tried it 50 more times. He was one of those rare artists who had the energy to work through the fear of failure.”

The show started Oct. 21st and runs through Jan. 20th. Advance tickets are highly recommended.