Have you ever heard the joke about the patient who asked his dentist what to do about his yellow teeth? “Wear a brown tie,” said the dentist. Hopefully you didn’t laugh at that, and please don’t go repeating it and crediting me.

In all seriousness, the truth is that millions of people, and we all know a few, walk around embarrassed by their yellow or stained teeth. Which is why RiverFront Dental Designs offers KöR Whitening.
KöR is not your typical, “pick me up at the store” teeth whitening product.
Even so, most, if not all, teeth whitening products (including KöR) work on the “principal that teeth are whitened in direct proportion to the strength of the whitening agent and the length of time the agent remains in contact with the teeth.”
So, what makes KöR Whitening superior to other whitening products?

First off, refrigeration is key, and KöR products are refrigerated from supplier to end-use. That means KöR is delivered to us (and to you) at optimum freshness, and THAT means KöR is stronger and performs better.

The second feature of KöR that makes it superior is the “enhanced sensitivity protection.” What this means is KöR does not contain harmful chemicals that most teeth whiteners use to enhance shelf life. Due to the less harmful characteristics, patients are able to use KöR for longer periods of time, which enhances the products benefits.
The upshot: KöR is a solid product that can even be a permanent fix to yellow teeth. And this top-of-the line teeth whitening system is available to you right around the corner at your downtown Denver dentist.