Teeth Whitening in Denver

If you’d like whiter, brighter teeth, stop by Riverfront Dental Designs to learn all about their teeth whitening options as well as their “Whitening for Life” program.

Whitening for Life

This is the same whitening treatment as the custom trays but also included is a free pack of whitening gel every time you come in for cleanings. For as long as you are a patient of our practice, you’ll receive gel at no charge. However, there are certain criteria in order to be eligible for this program. Please ask for details during your next visit!

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With this option, you receive special custom made trays that fit your teeth and your teeth only. You’ll whiten at-home initially for about 10-12 days. Then usually you’ll “touchup” your teeth for a few nights every 4-6 months. This is a good, inexpensive option for people wanting a nice, bright smile and a better alternative to the store brand white strips. You can upgrade to Whitening For Life with this option, where you get free bleach gel at your 6-month cleanings. Ask us how!
This is perfect for anyone who wants the quickest way to whiter teeth. It’s also great for anyone with an important event coming up (wedding, party, family event, etc). You’ll see better results than with just at-home whitening. During your first appointment, your teeth will be whitening with a high strength gel and the Zoom LED light that enhances the whitening results. After that, you’ll whiten at home for about 2 weeks with custom trays to augment the initial Zoom procedure.
This is for that truly WOW smile. Deep bleaching is the most effective, most permanent tooth whitening system available. The result is a radiantly white, natural appearing smile. It is a combination of in-office and at-home treatment. It is indicated for anyone ages 14-90 and especially for the tough-to-whiten cases. This treatment does not require as many “touch-ups” due to it being a more “permanent” option. If you want the ultimate in whitening, this is it.

Make an appointment with Dr. Hall to discuss which whitening treatment would work best for you. Get a brighter smile you can show off, courtesy of Riverfront Dental Designs, the go-to downtown dentist.


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