Personalized Music

Our team makes sure that the music playing while you are having treatment is what you like and what you listen to on a regular basis. If you want something, just ask! You can also use our headphones to plug into your own phone or audio device.

Flatscreen monitors

Our operatories feature flatscreen TVs for you to enjoy your favorite television show or movie. Also, when we educate you about your oral health, we are able to show your pictures and x-rays on our TVs helping you understand your treatment plan.

Electric handpieces

Lots of dentists still use those high-pitched, loud air handpieces. Yes, they give us nightmares, too! We use the much quieter and more efficient electric handpieces that reduce appointment times and ambient noise.

Digital photography

We take digital pictures of most of our patients. This allows us to better explain your oral health and the condition of your teeth. Furthermore, it allows patients who are interested in whitening, Invisalign or cosmetics to see before and after photos of patients we’ve treated.

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